Like all of life, this page is a work in progress, so come back regularly to explore its additions.  I'll be adding ancient and new writings and inspirations to give pause, give laughter, give love.  Take a moment. Take it in.  

Let your voice be heard, let yourself relax and BE as you are. The only thing for sure is there will be change!



Can you allow rain? Can you let sun shine? Can you surrender to flowers fading? Can you watch wind?

Can you allow thirst?  Can you let hands warm? Can you surrender to skin flaking?  Can you watch a sigh?

All the same. A masterful plan mirrors everywhere.

Can you allow tears? Can you let anger arise? Can you surrender to loss?  Can you watch longing?

What is their name?

Water, Fire, Earth, Wind in Space create ripples and sensations.  Observe then inside and out.

All there is:  Awareness to Witness and Experience.



"Listen, I Love you.  Listen, I care. Listen I want you to know I am here.

Listen, I'm with you all day and all night. Listen, I'm with you in darkness and Light.

Listen with your heart to hear what I say. Please, listen from stillness and you'll find your way. 

Listen so deeply, beyond all your fears, Listen, The Truth of my Love and Peace...appears."     

In my CD, a process to heart,  c2003

Here is the link to the CD





Bubbling and bobbing, nurturing

Weaking havoc, changing, yet constant.

What was, was.

What happened, happened.

Coloured by twists and turns of time, Flowing in spurts and torrents, I chew the remains and then



He said, she said, I felt, I thought , We saw, 


Colours, tastes, sounds, touches,

Smells rolling inside, suddenly present

All past - gone.


Yet shaping every action and mood,

Until analyzed, discussed prodded, proved,

Shared, released, enjoyed, accepted, framed.

Then release, letting go - on the breath of a deep sigh.

To return another moment causing smiles,

Pain, longings so deep that fears cannot reach

And again, gone.

Until a photo or memento jogs a variation on the theme,

Here with a new twist in an old groove.

This time I hold in total stillness embracing the remains

Until the echoes fade.


"Using the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, a language of great healing and mystery, Debra sang the vibrations of each letter. Maria Pinto drew pictures of of the music she saw. 

Scroll through this program and pause when so moved by the sound or the image.  Let yourself wash in the vibrations that are here to help clear what you don't need any more. A little self effort is needed.

  Self effort will embrace you  Self effort will delight you."


Peace isn't necessarily pretty. It may not be nice.

Peace is commitment to change,

From envy and hate

From fear and distrust

From seeing life one way

Change is the price of peace.

Peace is a process

To do what we must

To make our home a place we all want to 


A place for you and me.

It f you think peace is pretty, remember

our stage, that peace needs to be birthed and to 

have birthdays.

Birth is labour, sweat, blood and grunting,

pushing to open

The girth of holdings

and tightness through

Passages new.

Birth is hard work: it's a thing we all did to be here, to

Make Peace.

Open your mind

Listen with your heart

Expand your soul

Midwife new Births

Peace for us 

A labour of Love.





Journal Entries and MORE


Write away.  This is what you need to say. Overcome Bias. Overcome fear. Overcome everything. that's why you are here.  No a thing should worry oyour heart. keep it safe. Keep it apart. Keep it beating to keep you sound, and grounded and full and free.  No thing matters. Rise above, Rise to caring and sharing on ly Love.

July 2020

Co-create laughter!!  

As long as you hold on to decayed ideas, emotions, feelings, thoughts, your head will have that clogginess too. Declog. Declutter. No Delay.  Grab the day...today....I decluttered 27 things a day, for 9 days, and it made such a difference. Thank you Debra Poneman for this approach!

Feb 2023