Debra Joy Eklove

 Approaching all of life with an attitude of gratitude, joy and service.




I've always been interested in what makes the world go round. Coming from a business background, I started exploring this with commerce and economics.  Studying the economics of education and health focused my work on people, and on wanting people to be as happy and healthy as possible.

My focus shifted to understand and experience the many energies that impact us, and learning not any energy, but the energy of Love is the source of Life. 

I trained in shiatsu and energy medicine, and had a private practice in body- centered therapies.  I now teach the SKY breath meditation, yoga, Ayurveda and Sahaj Samadhi meditation to the public and in programs of research,  in corporations, and with veterans.

As a musician, singer and composer, I love to include Sound as a healing tool, so we are experiencing our and others' vibrations as a vital force for wellbeing. 

Debra Joy Eklove

“Debra Eklove created a personal song for me and my husband just before our wedding. It was very special. She has a true gift of intuiting just the right words and vibrations to include in your song, and it will touch your heart as it did ours!”

Principal Coach, Art of Generosity

Debra Joy Eklove

“I have had the pleasure of watching Debra speak at over a dozen events and I am always in awe with the passion and energy displayed. Positive feedback has always been provided to me by the participants from her presentations, as she truly does impact people.”

Brand Manager, Tetley

Debra Joy Eklove

“I cherish this opportunity to speak weekly to Debra and to go deeper into understanding where I am.
Its given my practice a whole new deeper dimension. Debra thank you very much for helping me see the way. ”

Founder, Soul Talk