"When you walk through a storm keep your head up high.

Don’t be afraid of the dark.

With your head held high, walk with hope and love in your heart."

With inspiration from and appreciation to Rogers and Hammerstein (Carousel, 1945)


In your advisors and mentors. In your process and in YourSELF.


We let go of what is in the way and make room for better to come to us.  Welcome change and co-create with the Universe!


Every emotion has a different breathing pattern. When we use our breath as a tools we impact our emotions and our mind 


Gratitude. The biggest and most effective tool to embrace and be Love. With gratitude comes grace and gifts.


Every twist and turn  in your life is a gift for you to appreciate and unwrap, layer by layer. 


A still small voice inside you is waiting to be heard. Deep inside you is a wealth of joy and serenity. We have tools to listen.


The past is destiny. The future is free choice. Choose with Joy, Wisdom and Compassion.


Music, Dance, Poetry,  Painting, Writing - choose your mediums

Debra Joy Eklove
Robynn Farkas - Principal Coach, Art of Generosity, LLC       https://bookshop.org/contributors/robynn-farkas

“Debra Eklove created a personal song for me and my husband just before our wedding. It was very special.  She has a true gift of intuiting just the right words and vibrations to include in your song, and it will touch your heart as it did ours!”

Principal Coach, Art of Generosity, LLC https://bookshop.org/contributors/robynn-farkas

Debra Joy Eklove
Teresa Scannell M. Ed. - University of Toronto | Career and Work-Life Consultant | Organizational Development and Learning Centre

“Thank you Debra Eklove. I am impressed by the comprehensive way in which you approached your topic in the space of 60 minutes.”
Workshop March 24, 2017

University of Toronto | Career and Work-Life Consultant | Organizational Development and Learning Centre

Debra Joy Eklove
Joyce O'Connor - Brand Manager, Tetley

“Debra has been instrumental to the launch of our Tetley Ayurvedic Balance teas.  She has provided numerous presentations to a wide variety of audiences on the topic of Ayurveda and has helped educate the audience on the what Ayurveda is and the benefits of Ayurveda and our new teas.

I have had the pleasure of watching Debra speak at over a dozen events and I am always in awe with the passion and energy displayed. Positive feedback has always been provided to me by the participants from her presentations, as she truly does impact people. 

I highly recommend Debra for any speaking engagement.”

Brand Manager, Tetley

  • Debra Joy Eklove

    “My name is Sam Goodriche, and I'm 38 years old from Israel. I first met Debra when I registered for the Sahaj j Samadi meditation course. This was the first time I felt that I was meditating.
    During the next year I practiced regularly and many questions came up. I felt I needed some guidance in this new world of meditation. I called Debra and spoke to her about some of the arising questions. It was so nice to be able to suddenly discuss these issues and get  great feedback too.
    At the end of the conversation we agreed to speak regularly on a weekly basis. I cherish this opportunity to speak weekly to Debra and to go deeper into understanding where I am.
    Its given my practice a whole new deeper dimension.

    Debra thank you very much for helping me see the way.
    With love and appreciation”

    Founder, Soul Talk https://www.soultalk.co.il/en

  • Debra Joy Eklove

    “When you're being shaken by a storm of emotions, sit there with your arms open and say, 'Here I am.' I'm much, much bigger than all these emotions. They arise within me, in me, and there is no way they can destroy me. I'll let them come"”

  • Debra Joy Eklove

    “Straight to the point, encouraging and powerful. Need I say more?”

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