Combating Blue Light Exposure with Laughter and Gentle Yoga Sequences

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Research is showing how the radiation from computers is unhealthy. It is best we take precautions to reduce this impact. Some people report eye dryness from extended computer time, and of course, there are the posture issues with the need to remember to sit straight.

Blue Light

Research is showing the need for greater care around the blue light from the computer. Blue light impacts sleep. It is best to keep all devices away from sleep areas, best in another room. With good sleep, and proper food, activity and relaxation, we can function at our best.

With the increasing amount of computer time , day and night, blue light impacts our sleep and our eyes. We need special concern for the eyes of children.

To protect eyes you can use yellow glasses or glasses with a blue light protector, or a blue light screen protector that fits over screens on your computer, your tablet, your phone.

For physical and mental health we need to move. Get up, walk around, take a break from computer use. In addition, to reduce stress, do this simple 5 minute gentle yoga routine sitting at your desk or on a nearby chair. Do these gentle exercises every hour.

Let us start:

  1. Gently tap all over your head with your fingers, like raindrops. Imagine you're in a shower with the water dropping at the perfect temperature for you, with the perfect pressure. Include the back of the head, on the bumps at the bottom back of the head where the spine joins the skull. 
  2. Place four fingers of each hand on the middle of the forehead, and move the fingers towards the temples. Like you are ironing out all the lines and wrinkles on the forehead. Iron. All the wrinkles, all those concerns in the forehead, we don't need them now. Using your fingers, iron them out to the temple.
  3. Fingers on the temple, rotate a few times.
  4. With the thumb and first finger, starting at the bridge of the nose and moving along the eyebrows to the temples, pinch the eyebrows. We hold a lot of tension here. So just pinch them from the bridge of the nose along the eyebrow to the corner three times.
  5. Then, with the thumbs, push on the skull around the eyes. Close your eyes and go all the way around. If there is an area that's tender or an area that is uncomfortable, pause, gently push and move on. There is nothing to see now, and imagine the eyes settling really comfortably back into the socket.
  6. Using your first fingers, from the inside corner of the eye and down the creases to the nose. When we cry tears run down this path and comfort the face.
  7. Now gently pinch the cheeks from middle to the outside of the face. Move from the top of the cheeks to the chin and along the chin up to the temples. Smile and relax.
  8. Slowly drop the chin to the chest. Open your mouth. Bring the head up with the chin pointing to the ceiling, with the mouth open. Now close the mouth. Feel that stretch in the neck, and the shoulders. Do that two more times. Then bring the head back to neutral, with the chin parallel to the floor. Take a deep breath.
  9. Hold the ears and pull them out, and then rotate the ears in one direction and then the others. Nerve endings in the ears connect to all the organs. Use your fingers and massage in and around the ear.
  10. With the head facing forward, drop your head to the right keeping the left shoulder relaxed and feel that lovely stretch in the left side of the neck. Gently use your right hand to give a little more stretch. Keep your shoulders relaxed and down. Bring the head back to the center. Repeat this on the other side to help release tension and stress in the neck. Then come back to the center.
  11. Look to the left, then right and use the hand to help us get to more to the right, that the eyes go all the way to the back to center to that to the left. Keeping the shoulders down. Keep them down. Turn the head with the eyes go even further. Come back to the center.
  12. Now if you can, if you don't have any neck problems, make gentle circles with the neck. Start by bringing the chin to the chest. Then coming up to the right, breathing in, chin coming up to the ceiling. Breathe out, coming round on the left side, back to the chin on the chest. Do two more circles to the right, and then 3 circles to the left, slowly, without any pain. Do only as much as you can as long as it doesn't hurt. Use the nose to breathe in and out. Finishing the rounds, bring the chin parallel to the ground.
  13. Without moving the head, make circles with the eyes, first in one direction and then the other. Keep the eyes moving slowly. Now blink, blink, blink, blink and look at the screen.
  14. Make a kiss and then smile, exercising the mouth. Kiss and smile, kiss and smile. Now smile.
  15. Look at yourself on the screen, point your finger at the screen and laugh out loud!

Laughter yoga

Laughter is such a wonderful way to wake up the whole body, use the diaphragm, and exercise the vagus nerve. Laugh as much as possible. We really don't need a reason to laugh.

It's natural that children laugh for no reason. Let's go back to that innocent childlike situation. Laugh out loud. Laugh because it's fun. Laugh for 10-15 minutes to experience the mental and physical benefits of laughing.

Ho Ho Ho Hee hee HEEE.

I wish you a wonderful week.

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